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Professor Mumtaz Shah (Deacon)

Vice Chairman

Professor Mumtaz Shah, joined as a permanent member of United Apostolic Church of Canada in September 2014. He comes from the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Originally he is a native of Bannu in the KPK province of Pakistan.

In the year 1970 Professor Shah joined Gordon College in order to teach Psychology to undergraduates. In 1974, he went on a government-funded scholarship for post-doctoral studies at the Research Institute of Clinical Psychology, Tokyo University of Education, Japan. After studying Biofeedback & Behavior Management, he joined back the Department of Education, Government of the Punjab for teaching Psychology. In 1981 Prof. Shah left for the Sultanate of Oman to teach English as a Second Language to Arab students of higher secondary classes. After serving the Ministry of Education of Oman for six years, Prof. Shah went to Kuwait to work as a Technical Consultant in Special Education.

While in Kuwait, Prof. Shah got the opportunity, through the help and guidance of the Lord, to establish the Church of Pakistan in Kuwait. The Church in Kuwait is affiliated with the Diocese of Gulf & Cyprus. Prof. Shah remained the Secretary General of the Parish Council of the Church in Kuwait for several years. In fact, he has been the overall caretaker of the Church for the past five years.

Prof. Shah has vast experience in Academic and Counseling Psychology. He has taught Psychology at various colleges. He has experience in theological leadership of over 26 years. He has also worked with Christian students on church leadership training programs as the Secretary General of the Student Christian Movement of Pakistan. Because of his background in Clinical Psychology and his extensive study on the effectiveness of prayer in resolving behavioral and psychological problems, he has developed a passion in prayer therapy and counseling. Because of his experience in church leadership and his academic background he has been ordained as Deacon of United Apostolic Church of Canada.

Prof. Shah can speak Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pashto, Arabic and Japanese languages. He is married to Aruna Shah. He has two children, Yazdiyar Shah and Charmaine Shah and four grand-children. His two brothers, David Shah and Noel Shah live in Toronto.




Sharjeel Riaz


Sharjeel  Riaz is an energetic and active young man. Although he is responsible for managing the accounts and cash of the Church, He helps to look after the general maintenance and administrative work. He ensures the opening, closing and cleanliness of the Church. In the absence of Pastor, Sharjeel is authorized to lead the worship. As the treasurer he holds an important position in the Church’s Parish Council.

Sharjeel is the eldest son of bishop Edwin Riaz. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan from where he received his education. He migrated to Canada in 1999 with his parents and 2 younger brothers Oneel and Sosheel.

Cricket is his passion since childhood and he carries his interest in the game with him to Canada. He was captain of cricket team in Canada for 3 straight years and won all the matches. He has won several medals and trophies including “man of the series and man of the match” awards.

Sharjeel is happily married to a very pretty and dedicated Christian girl from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He lives in Toronto.




Prof. Naved Attaullah (Deacon)

Executive Member

Prof. Naved Attaullah became a permanent member of United Apostolic Church of Canada after his arrival in July 2015 from Peshawar Pakistan.

Prof. Naved Attaullah holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University Of Peshawar. He joined Edwardes College in 1970 teaching Chemistry to under graduate students. In 1972 he became the Head of the Chemistry Department, continued teaching, served as Senior Hostel Warden and Pastoral Dean at the same time took care of the regular Chapel Services for 43 Years and retired as Vice Principal of the Institution.

He is the pioneer of A-Level Chemistry in the college after his return from his study on Methodology of Teaching from Joseph Chamberlin College Birmingham, UK.

In his student life Prof. Naved Attaullah was an active member of the Church Youth Organization and the Student Christian Movement (S.C.M) of Pakistan. For nine years he remained the Chairperson of the S.C.M at national level promoting religious and socio economic awareness amongst the students of Pakistan.

Prof. Naved Attaullah worked voluntarily with the Dioceses of Peshawar, Pakistan, serving as Health Secretary, looking after 2 main hospitals and 3 centers in KP province. As secretary of Development Sector, he was able to introduce a system of Micro-Credit Loans for the uplift of Christian Community of Peshawar Dioceses.

The religious heritage of Prof. Naved Attaullah comes from his Grand Father who was a Priest at Holy Trinity Church, Lahore, Pakistan and his Father an ordained Lay Reader at All Saints Church Peshawar, Pakistan.  Therefore keeping the tradition alive, Prof. Naved Attaullah on 25th December 2015, became ordained Deacon of U.A.C. Brampton, Canada.

Rev. Edwin Riaz, Bishop in charge of the Dioceses of U.A.C. Canada & U.S.A., believes that it was destined for Prof. Naved Attaullah to become a Deacon of United Apostolic Church be it in Canada or Peshawar, as he could not take up this responsibility when offered in Pakistan back in 2002.

Prof. Naved Attaullah is happily married to Leena Attaullah, and has 2 children and one grandson.




Sunday School Coordinator

Aruna Shah comes from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She got her elementary and high school education at Station School, Rawalpindi, a premier educational institution run by the Church Missionary Society of the Church of England. After completing her high school in 1963, She joined Gordon College, Rawalpindi, a leading educational institution of the United Presbyterian Church and completed her intermediate (Senior High School) education in 1967. She went to St. Denys College, Murree to study for her Kindergarten Teachers’ Training Course in the year 1967. St Denys College is a very old educational institution of the Anglican Church of Pakistan. In 1969, after completing her teachers training at Murree, she joined Viqar-un-Nisa Girls School/College, Rawalpindi as a teacher of kindergarten education.

She went to Sultanate of Oman in 1979 to teach English language to Arab children. After completing her job contract in Oman she returned to Pakistan to work at Beaconhouse Public School, Rawalpindi. She went to Kuwait in 1996 to work as a teacher of special needs children. She worked in Kuwait until 2014. In Kuwait she was an active member of the Church of Pakistan and participated in several church activities which included the Sunday School service. Aruna Shah came to Canada with her husband Prof. Mumtaz Shah in August, 2014 and since then she has been a regular member of the United Apostolic Church of Canada. Looking at her rich experience as an educationist and her passionate involvement in church activities, the Church has offered her to manage the Sunday School which she has very willingly accepted. The United Apostolic Church of Canada is proud to have such a learned and experienced Sunday School Teacher.



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